Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Edmund Rooney RR M55 57:20
2nd Martin Caldwell ESOC M60 62:01
3rd Michael McPhillips ESOC M45 69:28
4th Euan Mackenzie ESOC M55 69:36
5th David McPhillips ESOC M14 71:50
6th Kenneth Daly INT M50 72:33
7th Patrick Squire INT M65 77:11
8th Steve Ambler INT M65 83:34
9th Chris and Bryn Davies IND   89:02
10th Duncan Leishman ELO M45 95:44
11th David Robertson ESOC M50 95:59
12th Ben Brown ESOC M16 100:41
13th Catherine Rooney RR W55 102:57
w2 m13 Joseph Mayer IND M16 92:37




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Rachel Brown ESOC W14 41:43
2nd Leonne Hutchinson ESOC W45 45:49
3rd Alice Herbison ESOC W21 50:57
4th Mike Graves and Iain Macleod IND   51:02
5th Hanne Robertson ESOC W45 52:33
6th Fiona Johnston RR W55 58:07
7th Rab, Jen, Rowan and Holly McBill IND   65:21
8th Mike Johnston IND M45 66:23
9th Sebastien Saury and Sue McPhail IND   70:44
10th Paul and Leandro Forno IND   71:51
11th Darcey +2 ESOC W65 81:53
12th Kirsten, Sophie, Emma and Kernaghan IND   90:24
13th Aongys, Lisa, Fiachra and Cathal McCarthy IND   95:58
14th Alasdair and Orla Fleming IND   113:28
m13 Paul Bullen ESOC M35 39:58
m2-12 Kenny Gunn-Russell IND M65 54:29
w6 Maureen Brown ESOC W65 70:27
m11-12 Kirsty Blair IND W21 82:03




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Stuart, Isobel, Alva Clements and Susan Branigan IND   39:58
2nd Nuala and Sibhe Fahey ESOC   59:59
3rd Sophie McBirnie +1 IND   61:22
4th Iona and Dugald Robertson IND   61:26
5th Wake Family IND   63:38
6th Gwen Davies and Alison Powell IND   63:48
7th Cerys Davies IND W10 64:15
8th Lisa, Nora, Alba, Pedro, Lexi Patron IND   66:39




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Megan Brown ESOC W10 15:34
2nd Christopher Doig KFO M10 19:31
3rd Aisling Stuart ESOC W10 20:53
4th Ilian Gharbi and Seanna McTaggart IND   23:18
5th Lachlan and Andrew Moxey IND   27:36
6th James Moxey and Angela Tregear ESOC   28:55