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ESOC Ultrasprint 2018, Bush Estate

Maze combined with Park orienteering

Sun 16th Sep 2018

Type of event: Local
Near: Penicuik

These are the results for the courses

The totals are here

Organiser's comments
The Ultrasprint is something special, and it was great to see such a mixture of people enjoying it today.  Top-class international athletes  and little five-year-olds mingled in the Maze.  Experienced orienteers raced against each other, and some beginners had never done anything like this before.  The sun came out and it was just lovely running around the parkland.  David chose some delightful control sites.  I hope not too many people stopped to eat blackberries like I did!  Most people - but not all - navigated accurately without the control code numbers (a unique feature of this event).   The helpers changed places seamlessly so that everyone could get their runs.  
And the icing on the cake, literally, was Sheila's 70th birthday celebration, generously shared with everyone.

Someone left behind a tattered turquoise cagoule in the tent; contact me to get it back.  

Janet Clark     Organiser     0131 225 7771     

A fun event suitable for absolutely everyone. FINAL DETAILS now available.  If you are newish to orienteering and perhaps more used to local events, it is important to read these.


Lauriston Castle

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 08th Sep 2018

Type of event: Local
Near: City of Edinburgh

Results are now available. Apologies they have taken so long on this occasion, a lot of work was needed to sort out the Orange course results to incorporate the strategy element.  

Organiser's Comments: Janet Clark writes - It was brilliant that so many of you decided to come to Lauriston on this lovely afternoon.  The downside was the rather long queues, so apologies for that.  You can shortcut the waiting time next time by joining the Club and buying your own dibber........  No, seriously, these events are all about giving it a go and seeing if you like it; which I hope you did!
This is such a lovely venue on a sunny afternoon; and Ewart as the Planner made sure that there was something for everyone with his urban section on the Green course and the extra "strategy" on the Orange, along with standard easy courses for the many "first-timers".  
Do all please come to our next events; at The Bush next Sunday 16th Sept and at Holyrood Park on 13th October.
Lost Property:   a very nice merino wool top, grey with pink trim, size Small.   Contact me quickly to get it back (or you might see me wearing it around....).  Phone:  0131 225 7771  or email:
Thank you very much to all who contributed to the success of this lovely afternoon in a beautiful setting.  We're so lucky in Edinburgh to have these places.  

Planner's Comments:  Ewart Scott writes - Most experienced orienteers will observe that the grounds at Lauriston barely sustain courses of technical difficulty much beyond yellow, so the challenge was to plan courses beyond white and yellow with some form of additional challenge. Even the white and yellow courses in Lauriston are somewhat limited by what the terrain offers and the openness of the ground, vegetation changes were used as line features rather than more obvious features such as paths.

The idea of a strategy score was a theme previously used and here it incorporated a form of route planning to maximise available points and keeping track of the route taken.  Clearly, a few more controls might have been better with the very fast winning times recorded.
The green course, using two maps sections of different types and scales was an attempt to vary what was on offer at this level and the urban section did catch out some at the disused railway line. 

Many thanks for the positive feedback about the courses and also to Mike Stewart, the Robertson Family, Terry Johnstone, Bill Stevenson and Brian Miller for help with the placing and collecting of controls.


Blacket, Edinburgh (Sprintelope)

Wed 25th Jul 2018

Type of event: Local, Sprint
Near: City of Edinburgh

Here are the results

The updated Sprintelope league table is here

A very informal event with only one short and one long course.  Suitable for most people who have done some orienteering before. 


Blackford Hill

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 21st Jul 2018

Type of event: Local
Near: City of Edinburgh

Organiser's comments: This was local orienteering at its best.  Lovely weather, central area easy to get to, and good courses for the wide range of age and experience who came along.  It was great to see a number of families from the local area trying it out, and equally good to see experienced orienteers who know Blackford Hill well thinking hard and running hard on Mike's ingenious Score course.  Grateful thanks to everyone who worked hard behind the scenes to put the event on, and to everyone who came along to enjoy it. Janet Clark

Planners Report: The weather proved perfect for the Planner at least. I rather enjoyed the heat and the sunshine. Not so sure about my two trusty dogs but special thanks go out to Evie the Sprocker for running Walter round to victory on the SCORE. The SCORE was a strategy Event and aimed at those who have orienteering experience but are looking for something different in a well used area. Top SCORE potentially was 450 points and the Optimum route was only 4.5km albeit involving a few contours. So well done to anybody getting near that. Mike Stewart.

Marks: I originally calculated the bonuses incorrectly, assuming the controls were to be tackled in the order listed. Of course, the correct way (as it said quite clearly on the map) was to do them in code order. A few people made the same mistake I made, and ran groups in listed rather than ascending code order. Because I had used the wrong sequence, the results posted here on the 22nd missed a lot of bonuses. I have now corrected that, and the more-accurate results are here. This has been further updated to show the time penalties correctly. (23/7/18, Alistair Armitage).

Winsplits are here. Note these are not very relevant for the Score course.

Our next Local event is on 8th September at Lauriston Castle, at which everyone is equally welcome. 


South Queensferry (Sprintelope)

Informal local 'Sprintelope' event

Wed 04th Jul 2018

Type of event: Local, Sprint
Near: South Queensferry

Results in simple format.

PLANNER'S COMMENTS from Ewart Scott: Other than a small event at King’s Buildings a few years ago, this was my first attempt at any urban planning.  The guidelines make for interesting reading, compared to those for cross country orienteering and with a fair number of urban courses attempted from which I’ve gleaned some ideas, I was keen to take on this planning challenge.
Like other forms of planning, having a good area certainly makes the job easier.  South Queensferry does have a great variety within the urban context, with very detailed sections where observation of the map and ground are vital, to those legs where route choice is simpler, the map easier to read, with hopefully a corresponding increase in pace.  Because of the above interpretation, I almost deliberately chose not to plan very long legs.  I also avoided the east area where the control descriptions were placed.  The open ground is now covered by a new sports pitch and the area south of Dalmeny Station and to the east of the Scotstoun estate is now linked up by a through road and more housing.  This area would have needed significant map updates and a sprintelope doesn’t justify the expense.

When collecting the tubes only number 2 was missing, and controls 8, 10 and 16 where I used chalk, all had the marks intact.
The ESOC idea was to have simple organisation and good courses.  Our thanks to Arup’s for their facilities and to everyone for their positive comments on my courses.

Informal local urban event in South Queensferry


Spylaw, Edinburgh (Sprintelope)

Wed 27th Jun 2018

Type of event: Local, Sprint
Near: City of Edinburgh

Here are the results

The updated Sprintelope league is here

Another in the series of very informal events with only one short, one long course and a yellow course for juniors. The event is organised in a very straightforward way and is suitable for most people who have done some orienteering before. 


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