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South Queensferry (Sprintelope)

Informal local 'Sprintelope' event

Wed 04th Jul 2018

Type of event: Local, Sprint
Near: South Queensferry

Results in simple format.

PLANNER'S COMMENTS from Ewart Scott: Other than a small event at King’s Buildings a few years ago, this was my first attempt at any urban planning.  The guidelines make for interesting reading, compared to those for cross country orienteering and with a fair number of urban courses attempted from which I’ve gleaned some ideas, I was keen to take on this planning challenge.
Like other forms of planning, having a good area certainly makes the job easier.  South Queensferry does have a great variety within the urban context, with very detailed sections where observation of the map and ground are vital, to those legs where route choice is simpler, the map easier to read, with hopefully a corresponding increase in pace.  Because of the above interpretation, I almost deliberately chose not to plan very long legs.  I also avoided the east area where the control descriptions were placed.  The open ground is now covered by a new sports pitch and the area south of Dalmeny Station and to the east of the Scotstoun estate is now linked up by a through road and more housing.  This area would have needed significant map updates and a sprintelope doesn’t justify the expense.

When collecting the tubes only number 2 was missing, and controls 8, 10 and 16 where I used chalk, all had the marks intact.
The ESOC idea was to have simple organisation and good courses.  Our thanks to Arup’s for their facilities and to everyone for their positive comments on my courses.

Informal local urban event in South Queensferry


Spylaw, Edinburgh (Sprintelope)

Wed 27th Jun 2018

Type of event: Local, Sprint
Near: City of Edinburgh

Here are the results

The updated Sprintelope league is here

Another in the series of very informal events with only one short, one long course and a yellow course for juniors. The event is organised in a very straightforward way and is suitable for most people who have done some orienteering before. 


Bonaly Park

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 16th Jun 2018

Type of event: Local
Near: Edinburgh

Results are here

Winsplits are here

ORGANISER’S COMMENTS: Bonaly always works for us, even in the most unpromising of conditions.  Today we had Junior Training first, followed by a wide variety of people not put off by the forecast or the reality of intermittent heavy rain.  It was good to see a number of "First-timers" from the local area and some hill-runners for the innovative Long Light Green course.  The "Alpaca Walk" coming up through the route to the Start/Finish gave us all a bit of excitement. Registration was a bit difficult in the rain, but ESOC teamwork made it all happen.
Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who worked hard.
Janet Clark  Organiser   0131 225 7771     

PLANNER’S COMMENTS: I had a lot of fun planning this event, doing my Wednesday run with a couple of my friends and discussing the map and then going out with Craig to discuss the control sites and courses.
The Orange was probably the most difficult and least successful course as to get the required distance there was a lot of climb but I was told by Craig that the western part of the map was too tricky for an Orange so I couldn't use this slightly flatter area.
I was pleased at the uptake of the Long Light Green and Green courses which made it worth the effort of putting out the distant controls.
Thanks to Jonathon Marks and Mark Johnston for pointing out the error on the Long Light Green, and to Jonathon for rectifying it before anyone else was affected.  A big thanks to Janet once again for her excellent organisation, and to all the ESOC helpers who helped make the event a success even in all the rain.
Helena Nolan

Brilliant area for orienteering at all skill levels.


Meadows, Edinburgh (Sprintelope)

World Orienteering Day maze event during the day followed by Sprintelope urban event in the evening

Wed 23rd May 2018

Type of event: Local, Sprint
Near: Edinburgh

The results are here

ORGANISER’S COMMENTS: I expect participants in World Orienteering Day (WOD) experienced a wide range of climatic conditions throughout the world.  Here in Edinburgh it was a bit on the cold side, though lovely and sunny in the afternoon.  Good for running, though.  
The WOD activities during the day were fantastic.  ESOC provided the Maze, masterminded by Judy Bell and Ben Brown and enjoyed by eight Primary school classes and a number of passers-by of all ages, some delighted to rediscover orienteering  from their youth.  The INTerlopers club provided a range of activities related to orienteering, resulting in lots of happy children racing about the Meadows with intense concentration.  

The Sprintelope in the evening moved across to Bruntsfield Links to avoid the embargoed area of the Meadows.  The Yellow course for Juniors around the Links was enthusiastically received by, among others, a large group of local Scouts.   The urban courses visited areas new to many and enjoyable to all, with the sprint finish apparently especially competitive.
Thank you to everyone who came and helped us to contribute to the world-wide event which is WOD.
A thumb compass was left behind on the Registration table.  Contact me if it is yours.
Janet Clark       .

World Orienteering Day maze and other orienteering related activities from 11am to 4pm aimed at newcomers followed in the early evening by Sprintelope urban event for more experienced club orienteers. 


Bush Estate (Sprintelope)

Informal local 'Sprintelope' event

Wed 09th May 2018

Type of event: Local, Sprint
Near: Penicuik

Results in simple pdf format.  On the Long course Brian Miller is shown as dsq but he retired.  Janice didn't punch the start but retired due to injury. 

The Bush is a delightful place on a warm spring evening.  We were unlucky not to get one of these tonight, but nevertheless, about a hundred people came to enjoy Jon Ellis's Long and Short courses, and everyone soon warmed up by running.  The intricate buildings were a bit curtailed by recent fencing around some of them, but the area still provides an interesting mixture of terrain.  We were delighted to have a big party of Girl Guides at the event, along with seasoned "Sprintelopers" and members of other clubs; all are very welcome.   Thank you to Jon Ellis for  planning, to the small but hardworking ESOC team of helpers, and to Bush Estate for welcoming us once more to use their lovely parkland for our event. We will be back here in September for the ESOC Ultrasprint (the event with the Maze).  
Janet Clark

This event is very informal with only one short and one long course.  Both very straightforward and suitable for most people who have done some orienteering before. 



ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians with an extra course, Long Green, 10k

Sat 14th Apr 2018

Type of event: Local
Near: Penicuik

Results are here

Winsplits are here

ORGANISER’S COMMENTS: Janet Clark writes:  The day of this event was an unbelievably lovely surprise, truly the first day of spring!  The prospects hadn't looked good during the week before, with sleet and low cloud making it very hard to check and tape control sites.  But all that was forgotten as the sun shone, the fields and hill rapidly filled up with new-born lambs (100 were born that day) and everyone from experienced hill runners to beginner families enjoyed their runs.  The addition of a 10km course was popular; and we'll do this again on the Pentlands.  
We're very grateful to the shepherd who tolerates us at this time of year, and, as ever, to the small but hard-working team of ESOC members who made the event possible.

A super area for orienteering at all skill levels.  At this event we will have the usual courses (including a Green course) plus a 10k Long Green course.  Something for absolutely everyone.


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