Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


ESOC Ultrasprint 2019, Beeslack

Beeslack School grounds and adjoining wood

Sun 25th Aug 2019

Type of event: Local, Other
Near: Penicuik

The results are here

The combined results are here

ORGANISER'S COMMENTS: This event is fun; no other word for it; specially on the most beautiful summer day like today.   Running about in lovely parkland; just enough complexity to keep it interesting, the fun of the Maze - what could be better?    Did anyone notice that the courses were exactly the same as two years ago here at Beeslack?  if you were there and want to compare your times, have a look at the 2017 Ultrasprint Results

Lost property:  I have a white plastic hand-held  water bottle left behind . 

Thanks to everyone involved with today; the School, the ESOC volunteers, and all the participants.
Janet Clark     Organiser   0131 225 7771        janetcrl@' 

Fun orienteering for all the family with controls in a maze and in surrounding parkland.


Sprintelope, Edinburgh (Bruntsfield & Fountainbridge)

ESOC local Wednesday evening event

Wed 07th Aug 2019

Type of event: Local
Near: City of Edinburgh

The results are here

What a night! Undeterred by torrential rain, thunderstorms and gridlocked traffic, Martin swam around to put out the controls and most of the usual Sprintelope addicts turned up, complete with their own polybags.  EUOC enlivened the race with their own "Mass Start" and the run-in to the Finish was a spectacular water-jump.  Well done all!

Low key urban evening event


Blackford Hill

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 20th Jul 2019

Type of event: Local
Near: City of Edinburgh

The results are here  (Read Planner's Comments to find a link to his optimum route for the strategy score)

PLANNER'S COMMENTS:  Mike Stewart writes: 'The Course was set up for a testing challenge with narrow fairways and some tricky pin positions. A warm and wet summer ensured the rough would sort out any competitors straying off the fairways.
The Challenge was to introduce a degree of strategy to what was a normal SCORE course. Most of the runners treated the Event as a normal SCORE and if you got the lot you scored 500 points. Congratulations to the girls at the top who showed the boys how to think on their feet and cleaned up with the quickest times.
There was the possibility of getting 620 points if you chose to collect each group in ascending CODE order. Only Graham McIntyre had a go at this and got the maximum score. Well done to him, though he was 18 minutes over time. I have provided you with the planners optimum route of 5km, so it could have been done in the 60 minutes if you had a good pair of legs on top of spotting the best pick order.
The Orange was a popular choice for many and this area lends itself to a great course in that category.
For those of you who enjoyed the afternoon sun, it wasn't like that while putting out controls. My shower at home has less output than those thunder heads over Blackford Hill at 1030 yesterday. Thanks to those who helped me out. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.'

ORGANISER’S COMMENTS:  Janet Clark writes: The lovely sunny afternoon was a bit unexpected and a lovely surprise.  I'm afraid MIke and his helpers got soaked putting out the controls, but everyone else mostly remarked on it being too hot for running.  And we didn't have to pack up wet tents. 
Mike planned a masterly range of courses, from the easiest White, enjoyed by lots of young families, to a tricky "Strategy Score" which tested the best of orienteers.    This is the great beauty of orienteering; it is truly a sport for everyone, at whatever level suits them. 
Many thanks to everyone for coming, and hope to see you all at another event soon.

Excellent city centre area with surprisingly good orienteering for all skill levels and experience.


Sprintelope, Edinburgh (Morningside & Royal Edinburgh Hospital Grounds)

ESOC local Wednesday evening event

Wed 17th Jul 2019

Type of event: Local
Near: City of Edinburgh

Results are here

League can be viewed here

Very low key urban event.


Sprintelope, Edinburgh (Westburn & Baberton)

ESOC local evening event

Wed 03rd Jul 2019

Type of event: Local
Near: Edinburgh

The results are here

Very low key, informal urban event.


Sprintelope, Livingston

ESOC local evening event

Wed 19th Jun 2019

Type of event: Local
Near: Livingston

Results are here

Planner’s Comments: Ewart Scott writes:  Thanks to everyone for coming to the ESOC Livingston Sprintelope last night and for the
positive comments on the courses.
Janet, Fiona and Robert deserve thanks for looking after the assembly.  Thanks too, to Graeme Ackland for use of his map and drawing recent changes.
You were lucky with the weather. I got a soaking when collecting the markers as had no rain jacket, starting off when very fair. Markers at 5 and 17 were missing, all others there.

Very low key urban event.


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