Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


Scottish Score Championships 2021

Dalkeith Park, 21 November

The 2021 Scottish Score Championships event was hosted by ESOC, just to the south of Edinburgh in Dalkeith Park. This is an old country estate with varied terrain including open parkland, fields, and woodland, with a good network of paths and tracks. The North and South Esk rivers run through the park, in steep-sided valleys. Unfortunately a large part of the area was out of bounds, meaning some late changes. The start and finish were near to the parking field and controls were scattered throughout the area.
The weather was fine and sunny, though there was a chilly wind, and some light rain started just as the prizegiving finished.

There were time limits of 70 minutes for M20-35 and W21, 40 minutes for M/W14 and below, and 60 minutes for everyone else.

The ESOC trophy winners were:
  Calum Robertson (M12)
  Walter Clark (M45)
  Les Dalgleish (M70)
  Helen Bridle (W21)
  Alison O’Neil (W35)
  Heather Thomson (W45)
  Alison Cunningham (W55)
  Margaret Dalgleish (W65)
  Mary Williams (W70)
  Eleanor Pyrah (W75)

Catherine Rowe (W10) won the Yellow course.

Full results and other details about the event are available on the Scottish Score 2021 event page on the ESOC website.



Image Gallery

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Scottish Score Start, Crawford Lindsay

Scottish Score Start

North Esk river, Crawford Lindsay

North Esk river

Control #244 (small depression), Crawford Lindsay

Control #244 (small depression)

Scottish Score Finish, Crawford Lindsay

Scottish Score Finish

Scottish Score prizegiving, Alison O'Neil

Scottish Score prizegiving