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Scottish Score Championships 2023

Anagach Wood, 10 September

The 2023 Scottish Score Championships event was hosted by Inverness Orienteering Club, at Anagach Wood, on the east side of Grantown-on-Spey. Unfortunately this date clashed with a ScotJOS weekend, and also with the Senior Home International, so attendance in some age classes was very limited.
The event centre was at Grantown Grammar School, at the north end of the town, and the start and finish were in the NE part of the wood, with controls scattered all over the map. It’s a technical area, with lots of contour detail on complex moraine around large marshy areas. The vegetation is beautiful mature pine forest, with slow going in undergrowth of blaeberry and heather, so the paths and tracks often offered an easier option.
The weather was warm and sunny, and it was mostly quite dry underfoot, except in the deepest marshes.

There were time limits of 70 minutes for M20-35 and W21, 40 minutes for M/W14 and below, and 60 minutes for everyone else.

The ESOC trophy winners were:
  Roger Garnett (M65)
  Sally Lindsay (W65)
  Margaret Dalgleish (W70)

There were medals for some other ESOC competitors too:
  M55 – Finlay Ross 3rd
  M65 – Richard Oxlade 2nd
  M70 – Ewart Scott 2nd, Les Dalgleish 3rd
  M75 – Ian Pyrah 3rd
  W75 – Eleanor Pyrah 3rd

Full results are here, and more information about the event is available in the Final Details, on the INVOC website.


Some of the ESOC contingent had also been to an event the previous day a little further north. This was at Darnaway East, organised by Moravian Orienteers to complement the Scottish Score event. The event centre was in the old walled garden of Darnaway Estate, and the start was nearby, with the finish back in the walled garden. The terrain was varied, with some beautiful open beech forest on undulating moraine, some coniferous forest with a lot of brashings, and some rough felled areas.
It was a very warm day, and underfoot conditions were dry. There were a lot of ticks.

ESOC results in the top half:
  Blue (24 competitors) – Crawford Lindsay 10th
  Green (50) – Roger Garnett 11th, Margaret Dalgleish 21st

Full results are here, and Routegadget is here, with further details on the Darnaway East page of the MOR website.


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