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Scottish Sprint Championships 2018

Stirling University, 10 March

The 2018 Scottish Sprint Championships consisted of 2 separate races on the Stirling University campus, with the times combined to give the final results. This event was organised by Forth Valley Orienteers, as the first part of their “Stepping into Spring” weekend, and it was also SOUL 4.

Stirling University has a very attractive campus, with the modern university buildings and accommodation blocks set around a large loch, amongst many trees, gardens, and large expanses of sloping lawns criss-crossed by paths and access roads. The event centre was at the Logie Lecture Theatre, where there was plenty of space to leave bags and get changed, and it was a good venue for the prizegiving later on. Many enjoyed the university cafes between races.

The start for the first race was nearby, on the west side of the campus near the athletics track, and courses immediately led into a group of confusingly similar chalets, then up into the southern part of the main campus, looping around the parkland and buildings to finish beside the event centre.

The start for the second race was across the campus, at the NE corner, and the courses led back around the loch through varied terrain including complex accommodation blocks, fairly wild woodland with big crags, undulating parkland and (for most) a bridge over the loch before the final few controls leading in to the same finish as the first race.

Off the paths, it was very wet underfoot, and slippery too, with lots of mud. The weather was unfortunately cold and rainy all day, though the rain did ease off a little at times.

There were 6 ESOC winners in the Scottish Sprint Championships, all of whom also won their class in SOUL 4:
    Keith Brown, M55
    Heather Thomson, W40
    Alison Cunningham, W55
    Margaret Dalgleish, W65
    Janet Clark, W75
    Maja Robertson, W12

Other ESOC members who were in the top half of the results for SOUL 4 were as follows:
  W Open (21 competitors) – Helen Bridle 10th  
  M Vet (29) – Alistair Hindle 12th, Terry Johnstone 13th  
  W Vet (22) – Helena Nolan 3rd, Hanne Robertson 11th  
  W Supervet (20) – Sally Lindsay 10th  
  M Ultravet (20) – Martin Caldwell 6th, Les Dalgleish 7th, Ian Pyrah 10th
  W Ultravet (13) – Janice Nisbet 3rd, Mary Williams 4th, Eleanor Pyrah 6th
  W Junior (7) – Rachel Brown 4th

Full results from both races, plus Routegadget and other analysis, are available on the Scottish Sprint Championships results page of the Forth Valley Orienteers website.

For a list of all this year’s Scottish Orienteering Urban League events, and the league tables, see the SOUL page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website.


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View across western part of loch - Wallace Monument behind, Crawford LIndsay

View across western part of loch - Wallace Monument behind

Control 210 (tree on south side of loch), Crawford Lindsay

Control 210 (tree on south side of loch)