Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


September Social 2023

Stockbridge, Tuesday 12 September

David Robertson reports:
“Thank you to Vicente and Nicola for providing the fun around Stockbridge tonight with a choice of orienteering or Foot Turf Tuesday.
Vicente had us running in pairs on a total of four maps which are parts of the larger project he and Jim have been working on. Each map had a number of controls where you could find the answers to a series of questions. Half way through the hour one of the pair remained at Stockbridge Market giving directions to further controls over the mobile phone. It was a lot of fun on a lovely evening. In the end there was a tie between Team Jim & Martin and Team Ursula & Catherine. 

In Foot Turf Tuesday Cubist pipped Tandem with ESOCKisaKat in 3rd.”

Full details of the Turf event are on the ESOC FTT#11 event page of the Turf website.
See this document for a description of how a Turf event works: Participating in a Turf Event


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Choosing maps, David Robertson

Choosing maps

Cornwallis Place, David Robertson

Cornwallis Place