Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


SOL4, Scolty - 6 June 2010

The Scolty map covers mainly mature coniferous plantation, often quite rough and with plenty of technical detail including some very deep marshes.  It also includes Scolty Hill, which is open and heathery (slow going) with good views of the surroundings.  There was a remote start for the longer courses, allowing them to visit the most interesting areas.  Despite a poor weather forecast, it was dry, but quite damp underfoot after overnight rain.

ESOC competitors in the top half of the results were:
Brown (13 competitors) – Ray Ward 5th
Short Brown (38) – Claire Ward 18th
Blue (51) – Craig Nolan 3rd, Crawford Lindsay 15th, Roger Scrutton 16th, Helena Nolan 18th, Andrew Lindsay 19th, Les Dalgleish 21st
Short Blue (39) – Janice Nisbet 9th, Neil Williams 16th
Green (44) – Rona Lindsay 2nd
Short Green (20) – Clare Williams 3rd, Eleanor Pyrah 5th, Janet Clark 8th
Light Green (37) – Jamie Cunningham 13th, Gavin Williams 14th
Orange (32) – Jamie Fawthrop 10th

Full results are available on the GRAMP website (towards the bottom of the page).