Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


SoSOL 1 - 2010/11

Devilla Forest, 12 September

More than 50 ESOC members ventured across the Forth to Devilla (near Kincardine) for this Interløpers event. The forest was very rough underfoot, with many dead branches and ditches to contend with, as well as heather, blueberry, bracken, and brambles, so there were long times on many courses.  The weather was sunny and breezy.
Following the Park World Tour event in Perth, many elites stayed on for the Devilla event, so there was a strong field. This event was also the Scottish CompassSport Cup/Trophy round, and the individual event for the 2010 Junior Home Internationals.  All these factors led to a very high attendance, with over 300 competitors listed in the SoSOL results.

ESOC competitors in the top half of the results were:
  Blue 1 (36 competitors) – Claire Ward 1st, Elisabeth Henkes 12th
  Blue 2 (59) – Craig Nolan 16th, Clive Masson 19th, Andrew Lindsay 20th
  Short Green (14) – Fiona Findlay 2nd, Eleanor Pyrah 3rd, Judith Bell 4th, Janet Clark 6th
  Green 1 (47) – Rona Lindsay 2nd, Alison Cunningham 9th, Janice Nisbet 11th
  Green 2 (33) – Dave Kershaw 2nd, Roger Scrutton 3rd, Ian Pyrah 4th, Alastair Lessells 6th, Ben Bate 9th, Neil Williams 16th, Bill Gauld 17th

See the Interløpers website for full results, here.
See the historical SoSOL page of the East of Scotland Orienteering Association website for the SoSOL league table.


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