Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


SoSOL1 - 2009/10

Barr Wood, 8 November

Barr Wood is near Stirling, and was very autumnal, with frost on the ground and wonderful colours in the beech foliage.  It’s a compact area with some complex terrain, and the longer courses looped around to make the most of it.  There was a lot of dead bracken in the open areas, and marshes in the hollows; despite this, most enjoyed their courses, and the lower areas in the beech woods were delightful.

Top ten places for ESOC members were as follows:
  White – Andie Caldwell, Kerry Wood, Peter Fawthrop, Rachel Brown, Ben Brown
  Yellow – Jamie Fawthrop
  Orange – Marie Johnston
  Light Green – Gavin Williams, Jamie Cunningham, Eilidh Nolan, Ciaran Johnston
  Green – Alison Cunningham, Bill Stevenson, Alastair Lessells, Neil Williams
  Blue – Clive Masson, Andrew Lindsay, Mark Wood
  Brown – Tom Ryan

Full results (listed as August!) are available on the Forth Valley Orienteers website, here.


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