Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


SoSOL2 - 2009/10

Newtyle Hill, 21 February

Newtyle Hill is near Dunkeld, amidst beautiful scenery, with great views from the higher parts.  The terrain is mixed and fairly rugged, with deep heather in some open areas, as well as delightful woodland and some open fields.  There was quite a lot of ascent on most courses, so they were shorter than usual.  Recent cold weather resulted in firm underfoot conditions - most of the marshes were frozen.  Blue skies and sunshine made for an excellent day, though it was very cold.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
  Brown (26 competitors) – Andrew Dalgleish 9th
  Blue (42) – Andrew Lindsay 6th, Mark Wood 8th, Rona Lindsay 11th, Gemma Richards 13th, Finlay Ross 16th, Craig Nolan 17th, Les Dalgleish 18th
  Green (45) – Janice Nisbet 6th, Alison Cunningham 7th, Ian Pyrah 10th, Jamie Cunningham 13th, Mary Williams 16th, Bill Gauld 18th, Sally Lindsay 20th
  Light Green (11) – Judith Bell 3rd, Brian Yates 5th
  White (15) – Ben Brown 1st, Kerry Wood 2nd, Rachel Brown 4th

Results are available on this website, here.  See the historical SoSOL page of the East of Scotland Orienteering Association website for the SoSOL league table.