Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


SOUL 4, 2019

Dunfermline, 24 March

This event took place on a brand new map of Dunfermline, former capital of Scotland with much interesting history. There was a variety of terrain, including narrow alleyways in the old town, modern urban buildings, old and new residential streets, well-maintained parkland, and a very steep-sided wooded valley. The start and finish were in Pittencrieff Park, on the west side of the town, and the courses looped around the town, giving plenty of route choice, and quite a lot of climb on the longer courses. The weather was very mixed, with rain and sunshine.
Ian Pyrah commented: "Dunfermline was a great addition to the SOUL calendar with much to catch out the unwary. Phil Smithard's excellent courses brought to mind the once-used tag line for orienteering - 'cunning running'. The promise of a mixed-terrain urban challenge was well met. Whilst a strong breeze and light showers had been predicted, the late closure of the road to the parking field had not. Also, changes from the weather forecast, namely increases in intensity and duration of the rain, caused additional problems for many. Shelter in the scout hut, with accompanying tea and scones, provided a welcome respite. Thanks to all for an excellent event and in dealing with the unexpected so efficiently."

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
  M Open (5 competitors) – Callum Tyler 2nd
  M Vet (13) – Walter Clark 3rd, Mark Wood 4th
  W Supervet (8) – Alison Cunningham 1st
  M Ultravet (13) – Martin Caldwell 1st, Les Dalgleish 5th, Roger Scrutton 7th
  W Ultravet (9) – Mary Williams 2nd, Margaret Dalgleish 4th, Anne Thom 5th
  M Hypervet (3) – Ian Pyrah 1st
  W Hypervet (4) – Eleanor Pyrah 1st, Janet Clark 2nd
  M Junior (4) – Jamie Lawlor 2nd
  W Junior (2) – Maja Robertson 1st
  M Young Junior (8) – Calum Robertson 3rd, Rowan Lawlor 4th

Full results are available here, Routegadget is here, and more information about the event and the town is on the KFO website, here.

Scottish Orienteering Urban League details, including the latest league tables, are on the SOUL page of the SOA website.


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