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SSOF 2016

Dalkeith Country Park, 3 June

The Scottish Schools’ Orienteering Festival takes place every year in early June. The 2016 event was at Dalkeith Country Park, just south of Edinburgh. ESOC’s Katy Lessells was the planner, and Judy Bell was the organiser, with a band of ESOC helpers on the day.

The terrain used was the western part of the park, and the courses looped through woodland, past open fields, then across the imposing Montagu Bridge over the North Esk river, to the finish on open lawns by Dalkeith House. The weather was fine and sunny.

Nearly 400 pupils took part, from schools throughout Scotland. The competition classes are based on academic year, from P5 upwards. There are team trophies for each competition class, worked out from the total time of the best 3 results for the same school. 

ESOC juniors did well in several classes:
  P5/6 boys (a very large class) – Laurence Ward 11th, Rowan Lawlor 67th
  S1 boys – Jamie Lawlor 6th
  S3 boys – Ben Brown 7th
  P5/6 girls – Maja Robertson 4th, Megan Brown 17th
  S1 girls – Rachel Brown 2nd
  S3 girls – Kerry Wood 5th

Joseph Lawlor deserves a special mention - he was entered in the P5/6 boys class, but was unfortunately given the wrong map, and successfully completed the S4/5/6 boys course (the longest, hardest course).

See the SSOF 2016 page of the Scottish Schools Orienteering Association website for full results and other information about the event.

Some photos from the event are available in the SSOF 2016 album in ESOC's Google album archive. 


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