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STAG Score 3, 2019

Cumbernauld Park & Crow Wood, 3 March

The third event in St Andrew’s Orienteering Club (Glasgow)’s score series was at Cumbernauld Park & Crow Wood, at the NE end of Cumbernauld. The terrain includes open parkland (around Cumbernauld House, dating from the 18th Century), ancient woodland and a small industrial estate. It’s quite hilly, and the area is bisected by a railway line in a deep valley, which adds to the challenge when deciding where to go.

Hanne Robertson reports: "It was a lovely sunny day, but windy, which made the run in against the wind a tough exercise; the controls which we visited were generally nicely positioned with a good run between each control across parkland, through wooded areas with some horrid brambles and the unstable muddy slopes which were best avoided, I found to my cost! We visited some challenging spots in the valley which involved quite a scramble.
The facilities were first class, a lovely little theatre complex with heated toilets and a coffee machine to help with the warm-up after the blustery run back across the open ground. The man in charge of the theatre was giving guided tours of the theatre and raving about the Sister Act shows, which had been a great success and sold out over the weekend, and encouraging us all to come back to see some shows. Calum was quite concerned at a poster showing a man with blood dripping from his arms and hands, looking traumatised, and he took some convincing it was an actor, but said quite firmly he did not want to come back to see that play just in case we were thinking about it! The kids were also much taken with a rather large squashed toad spreadeagled in the carpark which Terry kindly removed with a big spade after I very nearly stepped in it!"

Yellow, Orange, and Light Green courses were available, as well as a 40-minute Short Score option. On both Score courses, there were 25 controls (5 each with 300 points, 400 points, 500 points, 600 points and 700 points) giving 12,500 as the maximum possible score.

There were 48 competitors on the 60-minute Score course, and the following ESOC members were in the top half of the results:
   Janice Nisbet – 14th (9100 points)
   Hanne Robertson – 16th (8400 points)
   Les Dalgleish – 18th (7,900 points)
   Fiona Findlay – 22nd (6560 points)  

Maja Robertson won the 40-minute Score course, with 2330 points, and Calum Robertson was the only person to run the Yellow course!

Full results, including the cumulative scores after 3 events, are available in the STAG Score 3 news item, on the STAG website.

The next event in the series is on Sunday 12 May, at Strathclyde Country Park. See this news item for further details about the series.


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