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STAG Score 3, 2020

Drumpellier Country Park, 19 January

Drumpellier Country Park is near Coatbridge, to the east of Glasgow. The Start and Finish were by the recently refurbished Visitor Centre, at the north end of the park. There’s a wide variety of terrain, including mixed woodland, marsh and lowland heath, with a network of paths and tracks, around a loch with some gentle hills to the south.
As before, the main event was a 60-minute Score course, and there was a “Score Twist” option as an additional challenge. Yellow, Orange, and Light Green courses were also available. For the Score, there were 25 controls (5 each with 300 points, 400 points, 500 points, 600 points and 700 points) giving 12,500 as the maximum possible score, which was achieved by 4 of the 60-minute Score competitors.

There were 74 competitors on the 60-minute Score course, and the following ESOC members were in the top half of the results:
   Heather Thomson – 6th (12,000 points)
   Finlay Ross – 8th (11,900 points)
   Margaret Dalgleish – 12th (11,000 points)
   Les Dalgleish – 13th (11,000 points)
   Timothy May – 16th (10,460 points)
   Maggie Scrugham – 17th (10,300 points)
   Hanne Robertson – 30th (8,300 points)
   Maja Robertson – 31st (8,200 points)
   Mike Stewart – 33rd (8,200 points)
Full results are available in the STAG Score 3 news item, on the STAG website. 

This event was the third in a series. Further events were scheduled, but have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. See this news item for further details about the series.


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