Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


The Whole Club Cammo Challenge 19-20th September

We had so much hoped to hold an event on 12th September, but this still isn't possible, so it's time to pull together as a Club, remember why we all belong, and get some orienteering done in a way that suits everyone best.   This is for everyone, including YOU. 
Over the weekend of 19th/20th September we encourage all club members to make their way to Cammo and explore the Permanent Course in all its autumn glory. All you need to do is record your time to visit all the controls and enter it into our league – here.   If you can’t visit all the controls you can just record the number of controls you did visit.  You can start at any of the controls – but you need to finish at the same control.

There is also the option of using MapRunF to time yourself – and get the joy of hearing a satisfying beep as you approach each control.  Simple step by step instructions of how to use MapRunF for the Cammo course can be accessed here

To make it more interesting there are Extra Challenges! There will be awards for

·         Night owl – completing the challenge in the dark
·         Tortoise – longest time to complete the challenge (we all know the story of the hare and the tortoise and who wins!)
·         Nifty Napper – silliest headwear
·         Natty Dresser – most outstanding outfit
·         Teddy Bear’s Picnic – fastest soft toy to complete the challenge
·         Improver – post a subsequent faster time
·         Conker(er) – most conkers gathered on the course
·         Alien – strangest thing spotted at Cammo

To enter for the awards please post pictures on Social Media (with the hashtag  #ESOC_Challenge if you want to!) or email to .  All photos posted/submitted may then be used on social media by the club.
The PDF of the Permanent Course can be downloaded from the SOA website here or if you would like a paper copy you can email the address below and you will be sent information regarding a top secret drop location close to Cammo! 

Cammo Estate is accessed from the bottom of Cammo Road, which is the first turning on the left after the Barnton Junction going towards the Forth Road Bridge.  You can park in Cammo Road.  GR  NT 177 749

Any enquiries to


Please do not go to Cammo if you or any of your household are feeling unwell (particularly with the Covid-19 symptoms of fever, new cough, loss of taste/smell), are self-isolating or in quarantine

Please do:

- Be considerate to all other park users
- Maintain 2m social distancing at all times and be especially aware on narrow tracks, blind corners and around the control sites (waiting your turn if necessary)
- Try to avoid the temptation to gather with any other ESOC members you encounter (as per the Rule of 6) unless it is for the purpose of selfie-taking (and even then for no more than 15 minutes and keeping 2m apart)
- Bring your own PPE as required for your comfort (eg masks if busy and hand-sanitiser as there are some gates)
- If you take your dog keep them under very close control and do not allow them to approach anyone
- Have fun!!

Finally please register your results (details on the web page) even if you don’t finish as it will provide a list of attendees for Test and Protect if needed.

You should also read and abide by the BOF Code of Conduct