Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


Tinto Twin 2019

Carmichael Estate, 9/10 March

The Tinto Twin is an annual 2-day competition, with a night event on Saturday, followed by a day event on Sunday, and the times are combined in the overall results. The event first took place in 1988 and has had an enthusiastic following ever since. The Tinto club is very small, and they decided that this would be the last time they run the competition. This year, both events were at Carmichael Estate, with no overlap between the night and day courses.

The event centre for Saturday’s Night Event was at Carmichael Village Hall, on the west side of the estate. The start was 500m away, up on the south side of Harleyholm Hill, and the courses looped around the hill, down to the minor road further west, and returned via several controls along the Carmichael Burn. The terrain was open, mostly quite tussocky, with some gorse, and it was very muddy in places. The weather was chilly, with a fresh breeze, but luckily it stayed dry. Afterwards, there was very welcome soup and rolls, plus hot drinks and traybakes, in the hall while everyone discussed their courses.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
  Course 2 (2 competitors) – Mark Wood 1st
  Course 3 (23) – Mark Rowwe – 7th, Crawford Lindsay 12th
  Course 4 (11) – Margaret Dalgleish 4th, Sally Lindsay 5th
  Course 5 (12) – Maja Robertson 1st, Anne Stevenson 2nd, Megan Brown 4th

On Sunday, the event centre for the Day Event was at the Carmichael Visitor Centre, on the other side of the estate. The start was 1km away, on the east side of Kirk Hill, and the courses led up onto Carmichael Hill, which was very tussocky and snowy, with several controls in the woods lower down. It was cold, with heavy snow showers, and everyone was quite damp by the time they finished.
All then adjourned to the tearoom for a generous complimentary lunch before the Tinto Twin prizegiving, when Dick Carmichael recounted stories about the history of the competition and its trophies. Many also took the opportunity to buy produce at the farm shop.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
  Course 1 (5 competitors) – Callum Tyler 2nd, Ben Brown 3rd
  Course 2 (5) – Mark Wood 2nd
  Course 3 (33) – Keith Brown 3rd, Peter O’Hara 5th, Mark Rowe 7th, Helena Nolan 16th, Crawford Lindsay 17th
  Course 4 (19) – Roger Garnett 4th, Les Dalgleish 6th, Alastair Lessells 8th, Margaret Dalgelish 9th
  Course 5 (14) – Maja Robertson 1st, Anne Stevenson 4th, Fran Humphrey 7th
  Course 6 (10) – Megan Brown 1st, Calum Robertson 2nd

The overall Tinto Twin competition uses standard age classes, and the ESOC winners were:
Ben Brown (M18), Mark Wood (M40), Maja Robertson (W14), Leonne Hutchinson (W50), Sally Lindsay (W60), Margaret Dalgleish (W65), Anne Stevenson (W70), Janet Clark (W75)

Full results are available here, and further details are available on the Tinto Orienteers website:
   Night event
   Day event


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Harleyholm Hill (Night event), Sally Lindsay

Harleyholm Hill (Night event)

Kirk Hill (Day event start), Sally Lindsay

Kirk Hill (Day event start)

Carmichael Hill (Day event), Sally Lindsay

Carmichael Hill (Day event)