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TURF 2021 – Major Competition

September 2021

Following on from our unexpected success in the March regional competition against Skåne, Scotland entered the multi-region competition that takes place each September. Previously this has been a battle between Swedish regions, but it’s now been renamed in recognition of the international entry. Scotland are competing with 6 teams from various parts of Sweden, a team from Finland, and also a team from Minnesota.

The competition started on Sunday 5 September, at the start of the new Turf round, and finishes 4 weeks later, on Sunday 3 October. 

The rules are broadly similar to the March competition. There are 3 separate scoring categories: turf points, number of takes, and number of round unique zones. For each of these 3 disciplines, the scores are calculated from the average of the top 75% of the team on a week-by-week basis, and also for the whole month.

At the halfway point in the competition, Scotland were in 2nd place, having gained 29 points in Week  1 and 30 points in Week 2. This was thanks to many hours of dedicated turfing from the team.

See this article on the ESOC website for more about the March regional competition.

A number of ESOC members are major players in the Scotland team, and the Team Captain is ESOC member Artful. See Turfportalen for the current positionand an explanation of the rules and scoring. There are separate tabs for the scoreboard, overall totals, and each week of the competition. Click on a team name for a full team list and individual totals.


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