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Turf Event TURFEMBRA03

West Edinburgh, Tuesday 24 August

TurfEmbra 03 was planned by ESOC member CSL, and took place on the west side of Edinburgh. The event ran from 7 till 8:30pm on Tuesday 24 August. It was open to foot or cycle turfers, and the event area was about 4km square, stretching from Corstorphine through South Gyle and Sighthill to Wester Hailes. There were 15 participants - some who had signed up couldn’t make it, due to various misfortunes. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event. It had been a hot day, and was a balmy evening, just starting to get dark at the end.

Then most made their way to Gyle Park for some modest refreshments, some meeting one another for the first time ever. The prizes this time were Turf tops, plus "multi-sleeves" kindly donated by Bawbags. They were awarded to TimmyM (overall winner - 1149 points from 53 takes), ElsieSpanner (2nd place - 1091 points from 40 takes), ESOCJeneral (3rd place - 1016 points from 46 takes), SeaTurtle (junior - 914 points from 44 takes), and EsocNora (later, when CSL realised she’d competed on foot). A decorated wooden spoon was awarded to kjtindall.

The event map and full results are available on the TurfEmbra 03 Event page on the Turf website.

Details of how a Turf event works are in this document: Participating in a Turf Event
Also see this news item for a report from the previous event.

ElsieSpanner commented:
“This was my third Turf event and all have been great fun with varying degrees of success as a competitor. We were fortunate with good weather, and as I cycled over to the event area I met up with 2 fellow turfers so we managed a few assists en route, chatting away without realising we would only just make the edge of the event area for the start - eek! My only plan for the event was to try to find a quiet area away from other turfers, but I guess that would be the same for everyone. By luck I managed to achieve this with a clear path of next 2 or 3 zones ahead throughout and avoided getting in anyone’s way. When I did zoom out to view the field of play on the app, the sight of multiple turfers heading in all directions in a small area was amusing to see. 
I started at the bottom of the leaderboard, but managed to climb up gradually to finish in 2nd place. There were a few crafty zone placements (BroomLea was down a grassy bank at the side of a road behind a metal barrier) but that just added to the challenge. Thank you CSL for a fun and successful event.”


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TurfEmbra 03 event map,

TurfEmbra 03 event map

Screenshot of TurfEmbra 03 just after the start,

Screenshot of TurfEmbra 03 just after the start

SeaTurtle receiving his prize, Walter Clark

SeaTurtle receiving his prize