Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


Urban Score Orienteering Event + Turf Event + Social - Liberton & Alnwickhill

Tuesday 17th May 2022

This Orienteering/Turfing/Social also celebrates World Orienteering Day 2022

ORIENTEERING: Come for an orienteering run and join thousands of others participating in World Orienteering Day!  There will be a score event from 7pm to 8pm (visit as many controls as you can within 60 minutes) on the urban orienteering map of Liberton and Alnwickhill.  Mass start at 7pm outside The Toby Carvery Liberton, 41 Howden Hall Road. EH16 6PG.  -  Email Alison on  to book a map, although there will be some spares.  Arrive at 6.45pm.

TURFING: Alternatively, come for a Turf!  Completely separate from the orienteering, there will be a foot turf event in the same area.  This will also run from 7pm to 8pm.  As with all turf events, you can start anywhere within the competition area (or outside the area but that will be to your disadvantage!). Come along early to leave stuff with Mark Rowe at The Toby Carvery.  Enter here: or email Mark with your Turfnick. Please note that this is a foot turf event, and not for bikes!  In the event of difficulty with the email link given Mark's email is: mjvrowe at but you should replace 'at' with @ and join up.  

SOCIAL: Come for a drink and celebrate World Orienteering Day!  There will be drinks afterwards from 8pm in (or outside on the many benches if the weather is good!) the Toby Carvery for orienteers, turfers and anyone else as well!  You don’t need to have run either of the events to come along for a drink. Food also available (though you may wish to book your own table in advance).
World Orienteering Day aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of orienteering with young people, increasing the number of participants both in club activities and school's activities. The dates for World Orienteering Day 2022 are between 11 - 17 May, keep an eye out for other events to participate in!

FAQ: For anyone wondering, if you come for the orienteering, you do NOT need to do any turfing.  If you come for the turfing, you do NOT need to do any orienteering.  It’s one or the other!