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Castlelaw, 12th Apr

Local Event

Local event in the East of Scotland series.

Results are now available here.

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It was a lovely sunny afternoon for this local event but what everyone will undoubtedly remember will be the effects of the wind!  It really was a windy afternoon; a day for holding tightly to maps, hats and small children.  Nevertheless everyone seemed to enjoy the challenges presented by the courses.

There were extra challenges, due to the wind, for the organisers.  Most regulars would notice there were no flags, start or finish banners or even the usual amount of signage.  This was all due to wind issues - these simply would not stand up to that level of wind.  The red/white tapes indicating the route to the start did, thankfully, stand up to the onslaught of the wind.  We were fortunate in being able to move the course choice/registration indoors and I'm sure competitors were happier be squashed in a room than to have had to contend with looking at maps and filling in entry forms outside.

We are very thankful to the Army for allowing us to use their building and garden for the event. This was a huge advantage for the organisers as we had access to electricity and toilets - unusual for a local event.    We also extend our thanks to the local farmer/shepherd for tolerating us being there at lambing time.  Our entreaties to everyone to shut gates were heartfelt and we are grateful for all our heeding this.

Thanks to all who helped on the day and to all competitors who came along and enjoyed the orienteering challenges set for them.

Margaret Dalgleish


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