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Hailes Quarry Park

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Nearest town: Edinburgh

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Hailes Quarry Park is managed by the City of Edinburgh Council. It lies on the north side of the Union Canal and slopes down to the north. Much of the park is rough open, with a network of grassy and tarmac paths. There are areas of shrubby woodland and a wetland with boardwalk, as well as a play area. The map also covers the neighbouring residential development at the SE corner.
Hailes Quarry was active from 1750 to 1900 and at its peak employed 150 men, with 100,000 tons of stone being taken out each year, creating a hole 100m deep. Stone from the quarry was used for stairs and landings during the building of Edinburgh’s New Town. In the 1970s the abandoned quarry was used as a landfill site and was eventually grassed over, and converted to a park in the 1980s.


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